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September 2017


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*Photo from Newbridge Fields Bridgend County Running League Race

Wow, what a month. I thought July had been busy but August knocked into a cocked hat. I think the Brackla Harriers Group has kept Facebook going on its own.

Rather than doing a straight chronological summary I will split it up by different events types, e.g Parkrun, BCRL and others.

First of all I need to correct an omission from July where I said that Rhys Francis had become the first member of our sub 17 club. Of course I had forgotten about Joe Beech who has done several sub 17’s before Rhys and 15.10 for Cosmeston Relay this year. I’m pretty sure someone (Liz or Mary maybe) put a more comprehensive list on Facebook during August but I can’t find it at present. Well done Joe!!!!


5th August

Preston – Joe Beech – 16.43 – another sub 17 for Joe’s collection

Hampstead Heath – Sean Lewis – 18.43 – first run at location

Maesteg – 17 Harriers ventured to Maesteg, first run at location for 15 and pb’s for dad and son, Matthew and Ryan Bunce.

Porthcawl – Another 9 Harriers ran giving us 28 Parkrunners in total this weekend.

12th August 

First off, 200th Parkrun for Libby Lavis, 197 of these at Porthcawl. Well done Libby!!!

Libby 200th parkrun

Porthcawl (a Harriers 5k Club Championship event) – 26 Harriers with pb’s from John Lloyd and Sue Prosser (new member) and sb’s from Sophie, Deere, Chris Deere and Amanda Moore.

Richard Steele ran at Grangemoor

Angela and Ewan Coles at Penrose.

19th August

Porthcawl – 18 Harriers with an sb from Jazmine Briganti

Belfont Lakes – a pb from Sue Ralph

Brighouse – Jane and Ian Ogilvie with Ian running his 200th Parkrun event. Well done Ian – but the things people will do to avoid wearing any sort of celebratory fancy dress designed by Chris Jeynes.

Maesteg – 4 runners with Rowan Hobbs and Melissa performing pb’s at this event. Also, Melissa was first lady home.

Upton House – Andy Wilkins

Penrose, Angela and Ewan Coles with Ewan getting a pb at this event.

26th August

A lower entry count this week due to a number taking part in the Llantwit Major 10k later in the morning – details of that later. But there’s always one isn’t there?

Not satisfied with doing a challenging 10k, Matthew Bunce went to Barry Island and did the Parkrun first of all.

Porthcawl – 8 Harriers

Maesteg – Libby Lavis, pb on the course and first lady home plus Matthew Churchill also ran.

Grangemoor – Richard Steele

Gnoll – Jazmine Briganti, first lady home and a pb on the course.

Well done all, great Parkruns all round.


After 4 events out of 6 in the league we entered August in first place with 1521 points, a healthy lead of 364 points over Bridgend A C in 2nd. Could we keep this up? Of course we could!!!!

Newbridge Fields – 22nd August

In the words of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Oh, What a night!!! 40 Harriers took part with 8 of the first 20 runners home being Harriers. Chris Jeynes was second man and Melanie Williams second lady.

This left us on 1881 points with the gap to Bridgend A C increasing to 416 points. Just one event to go, the dreaded Tuska Beach at Rest Bay, Porthcawl run. Could we maintain our form and lead? Would it be a nice, sunny evening? Would the tide stay out?

Tuska Beach – 30th August

After some gentle cajoling, bullying and downright threats from Christopher Jeynes (all in the best possible taste), 44 Harriers ventured with some trepidation to Rest Bay. Should we be worried, should we heck!!!!

7 Harriers in the top 20, Sean Lewis second man in and Jazmine Briganti second lady.

Our points total for the night was 393 putting us on 2274, 877 ahead of Bridgend A C who incurred a 525 point penalty after providing only 10 runners.

Right, ladies and gentlemen, that makes us Champions of the Bridgend County Running Club League for 2017, a marvellous achievement.

Well done to everyone who took part and also to Keith Treharne, Tom Powell, Tony Kavanagh, Ian Stratton and everyone else who marshalled/officiated to our Newbridge Fields Race thus enabling us to field so many runners.

BCRL Awards Night

This will take place on the evening of Friday 6th October at the Hi Tide Porthcawl. Tickets £7 each, obtainable from the venue. It will be great if as many Harriers as possible can attend to celebrate our success.

Other events

Cardiff Summer Sizzler 5k – 2nd August 

In a very competitive race Sean Lewis came a creditable 13th. 5k pb’s for this event were achieved by Sean, Chris Jeynes, Dave Moore, Gareth Taylor, Jazmine Briganti, Ian Cuthbert, Lloyd Francis, Graham Foster, Paul Morgan, Sue Wilkins and Helen Kavanagh. Season bests by Colin McQueen, Richard Beech, Mark Francis, Alex Ford, Andy Wilkins and Jan Francis.

Charlotte Johns picked up a prize for being first in her age category.

Note from stato, Chris Jeynes, “Before anyone says they’ve run faster parkruns, a parkrun doesn’t count as a 5k as they are recorded differently with British Athletics.”

Tuska Tri – 6th August 

Helen Little 1:43:20

Swim 22:38
Bike 51:51
Run 25:37

Night of Endurance Track 10k’s – 12th August

Race 3 – Sean Lewis 37.17 pb

Race 2 – Colin McQueen 40.27

Race 1 – Richard Beech 45.30

Port Talbot Half Marathon – 13th August

10 Christopher Jeynes 1:24:50 pbPort Talbot Half
146 Lottie Vaughan 1:56:22 pb
209 Rebecca Bland 2:03:01

Cottrell Park 10k – 13th August
30 Matthew Bunce 49:31
45 Ryan Bunce 54:00

Tough Mudder – 19th August

Laura Allen – Did brilliantly to finish!!!

Llantwit Major 5k and 10k – 26th August


Great Harriers turnout: –


55 Tina Lloyd 36:43

13 Christopher Jeynes 0:41:04
14 David Moore 0:41:11
22 John Lloyd 0:43:21
24 Ian Ogilvie 0:43:27
36 Gareth Taylor 0:46:12
69 Matthew Bunce 0:50:01
73 Mark Francis 0:50:33
84 Charlotte Johns 0:51:52
111 Mary Beech 0:55:02
120 Jane Ogilvie 0:56:20
145 Andy Fisher 1:00:49
156 Julie Couzens 1:01:38
167 Alex Ford 1:03:21
186 Kathleen Evans 1:06:12
190 Andrew Wilkins 1:06:44
195 Sue Ralph 1:07:12
209 Amanda Moore 1:08:34
254 Sue Wilkins 1:13:43
264 Janice Francis 1:15:24
270 Helen Kavanagh 1:16:19

Great running everyone. But especially to the following 2 members. Welsh Athletics were in attendance today and it was a Welsh Champs 10k trail run. To qualify to enter you needed to be Welsh Athletics registered (which being in Brackla Harriers makes each one of us).

Charlotte Johns – 3rd Ladies Masters
John Lloyd – 3rd Mens Masters

Severn Bridge Half Marathon – 27th August

986 Richard Stephen Steele 2:14:03

Cardiff CPR (Half marathon only) – 27th August

Rowan Hobbs 1:26:58
Christopher Jeynes 1:28:42

West Lancs Tri – 27th August

36 Rhys Francis
Swim 08:37
Bike 36:37
Run 16:58
Total 1:05:51

Vichy Ironman – 27th August

Joe Beech
Swim 1:08:47
Bike 4:47:39
Run – due to the effects of the excessive heat Joe did not finish the event. From all at Harriers, we hope you are feeling better Joe.

And that ladies and gentlemen I think is it. Apologies if I have got any details, times, dates, events, names wrong but what a superb month for the Harriers.

On to September after a little rest?

Andy Wilkins

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