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January 2018


Here we go again!!!!

Happy new Running Year everyone.

Let’s kick off with PARKRUNS 

1st January 2018

Cardiff – Richard Steele – the only Harrier to do a New Year’s Day Parkrun – although some of us were involved in a much muddier event elsewhere – more on that later.

6th January 2018

Porthcawl – 19 Harriers took part. The event was won by Christopher Jeynes in 18.07, his first 1st at Porthcawl. Jacob Griffiths did a 20.23 pb and it was Mark Francis’ 100th Parkrun. On a good day for the Jeynes family, Edward (a future Harrier) did a 31.02 pb, ably assisted by Sue Prosser, or as she is known to Ed, “Miss”, as she is his head teacher. Ed couldn’t fail, could he.

Grangemoor – Richard Steele in a 21.50 sb.

13th January

Cardiff – Sarah Kavanagh.

Newport – Kathleen Priddle (was Evans).

Maesteg – Rowan Hobbs, who was 1st home in 19.05.

Pontypridd – Mary Beech

Porthcawl – 15 Harriers ran with sb’s from Ian Ogilvie, Ryan Bunce, Paul Morgan, Howard Jones and Karen Phillips. A pb from Sue Prosser at 28.55.

Well done all and a special mention for all our marshalls who this week included Tony Kavanagh, Tom Powell and Sue Ralph. We celebrate running achievements each week but none of this would be possible without those who volunteer and look after us in all sorts of weather. Keith Treharne, who was not at Porthcawl this week, also deserves a mention as he is recording our finishing times more often than not.

20th January

Cardiff – Richard Beech in 23.09, a season’s best

Maesteg – Matthew Churchill

Cheltenham – Chris Deere

Porthcawl – 9 Harries ran. Season’s bests for Libby Lavis, Paul Morgan and Jan Francis. Another pb for Sue Prosser at 28.19.

27th January

Maesteg – 3 Harriers took part. Rowan Hobbs back to winning ways in 19.16 and an sb for Matt Bunce.

Cheltenham – Chris Deere in a season’s best of 28.36.

Haverfordwest – Mr. & Mrs. Beech on their travels again. First runs at this location.

Porthcawl – 8 Harriers took part with another pb from Sue Prosser at 28.08 – third week of pb’s in row. Well done Sue. Those new trainers proving their worth. Season’s bests from Paul Morgan, Joanna Kay (new member) and Howard Jones.


1st January

No rest for the wicked, straight into it with the Prince of Wales New Year’s Day Run.

21 Harriers represent the club with some notable results: –

Chris Jeynes second overall in 22:15
Ian Ogilvie 3rd in Category in 24.40
Melanie Williams 1st lady overall in 25.14
Colin McQueen 1st in Category in 25.56
Charlotte Johns 2nd in category in 27.24
Ryan Bunce 3rd in Category in 31.20
Libby Lavis 1st in Category in 31.45
Excellent running by everyone in some tricky conditions.

Great photo of Chris and Mel

Mel Williams and Chris Jeynes 1st Lady 1st Vet Male

Also, we ran an in-house year long league that compared a 5k tun to the personal best of each athlete in the previous season . They were: –

1st Sue Ralph
2nd Matthew Bunce
3rd Rowan Hobbs

Well done, but also well done to everyone who ran.

14th January

Wales Buff 10k

Laura Allen 1:20:48

West Glam XC League Corus Lakes

58 Ian Ogilvie 36.24
63 John Lloyd 36.50
99 Matthew Bunce 38.57
111 Gareth Taylor 39.48
154 Andrew Munday 42.22
167 Richard Beech 43.21
168 Mark Evans 43.28
171 Andy Fisher 43.47
185 Ryan Bunce 45.11
225 Howard Jones 50.27
228 Andrew Wilkins 52.01

6 Melanie Williams 36.50
14 Charlotte Johns 40.37
35 Andrea Starritt 44.41
36 Jane Ogilvie 44.55
38 Mary Beech 45.07
62 Julie Couzens 48.52
106 Sue Prosser 54.00
115 Sue Ralph 55.42
128 Kelly Hopper 58.25

Great running everyone. Mel and Charlotte achieving very creditable places in a highly competitive ladies race.

21st January

No runners for us today as it was our rearranged Christmas Pudding Race. After preparing the course on what was a dry Saturday, Sunday morning the weather decided to give us the benefit of more rain which continued and increased in ferocity throughout the day. Nevertheless, at 10.00am the race started, approximately 450 runners set out. Apart from a couple of injuries and other pull ups it all went well and, judging from the feedback received, the new course and event overall was enjoyed by the vast majority of participants. Some of the “water features” provided good viewing for those near bye – the marshals, in particular.

Race Director, Chris Jeynes, posted the following on our Facebook page: –

Hats off to everyone.

Thank you to every single person who helped at the Pudding Race, whether behind the scenes, marshalling today or at the postponed event or in any other capacity. We have a fantastic team and it wouldn’t be possible without every single on of you.

Here are some brilliant photos, courtesy of our own photographer Mark Francis: –








Hong Kong Marathon

Richard Stephen Steele 3:58:05 – Flying the flag for the Harriers far and wide. Well done Richard!!!

28th January

Dark Star River Marathon (28.2miles?)

Matt Bourne – 4:36:03 (Strava time as no official result yet)

Lliswerry 8

46 Christopher Jeynes 49:17
177 Richard Stephen Steele 58:06 (included a 10k pb)
232 Mark Evans 1:00:34

Margam Park Cross Country

Event 5/6 of the 2017/18 West Glam XC League

58 John Lloyd 37.26
62 Ian Ogilvie 37.48
63 Melanie Williams 37.50
102 Gareth Taylor 40.23
108 Colin McQueen 41.07
119 Charlotte Johns 41.53
145 Emily Buckwell 43.35
157 Andrew Mundy 44.26
192 Mary Beech 46.34
219 Jane Ogilvie 49.41
225 Julie Couzens 50.20
242 Howard Jones 52.23
247 Joanna Kay 53.10
251 Elle Goodridge 53.56
269 Andrew Wilkins 57.02
273 Sue Ralph 57.33
296 Mary-Jayne Granville 62.10
299 Kelly Hopper 63.42

Great running everyone in some very testing conditions.

Some photos from the day: –

That’s it folks, January over. Much more to come in 2018.

As usual I apologies for any errors or omissions.

Andy Wilkins

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