Brackla Harriers

Annual Awards Ceremony

Each year we celebrate some of the achievements of the club and members.  Below are the slides from the presentation night.

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Welsh Castle Relays 

Great team effort!!
31st (28th Open) – best position ever!!
14th in the Mountain stages
Sleep deprivation was a continuing theme…
Thanks to Wayne, Andrea, Colin and all other organisers & participants

Cosmeston Relays
Strong turnout of mens and ladies teams
~ 50 runners
Victors in 3 age groups!

Bridgend County Running League
Consistently excellent turnout
Facilitated by Christopher Jeynes
We came First–by nearly 1000 points!
Great haul of trophies at prize night

Ladies (within overall results)
1st – Melanie Williams
2nd – Charlotte Johns
5th – Jane Ogilvie

1st – Colin McQueen
3rd – John Lloyd
4th – Ian Ogilvie

Club 5K Championship – Ladies Results
3rd – Jane Ogilvie
2nd – Libby Lavis
1st – Charlotte Johns

Club 5K Championship – Mens Results
3rd – Christopher Jeynes
2nd – Colin Mc Queen
1st – John Lloyd

Ynysawdre 5K Handicap Time Trial
Handicap times set by Race Committee
6th – Graham Foster
5th – Adam Gregory
4th – Sue Ralph
3rd – Liz Beech
2nd – Sue Prosser
1st – Ryan Bunce

Well deserved award – 1 minute PB for Ryan!!

Weekend 5K League
Weekly league managed by Chris Jeynes
Compares any 5K completed at the weekend against your previous seasons best time
Many Harriers ran nearly every week!
Reflects determination and improvement over time
1st – Sue Ralph

Race Committee Best Performances Award


Sean Sean Michael Lewis – Merthyr Mawr Lanes 17:04
Christopher Jeynes – Cardiff 10K 37:10
Half Marathon
Rowan Hobbs – Cardiff Half 1:21:31


Jazmine Briganti – Summer Sizzler 20:18 – 88th in UK
Half Marathon
Melanie Williams – Cardiff Half 
1:26:44 – 25th in UK (1:20:36 adjusted)

Club Championship
Ladies Results
5th – Julie Couzens (155)
4th – Mary Beech (170)
3rd – Jane Ogilvie (171)
Joint winners! – Charlotte Johns (180) Melanie Williams (180)

Mens Results
5th – Matthew Bunce (162)
4th – David Moore (166)
3rd – Colin Mc Queen (174)
2nd – Ian Ogilvie (175)
1st – John Lloyd (178)

The Full Monty
Awarded to those who completed 10 or more out of 12 Championship Races
Charlotte Johns
Jane Ogilvie
Mary Beech
John Lloyd
Matthew Bunce

Special Thanks
… to Charlotte, Andrea, and Wayne for their massive contributions to the Committee and smooth running of the club over many years

Special Awards Candidate Comments
“There are so many members of the club who deserve these awards but I have finally made my mind up who to vote for…”
“This is difficult! So many of the club members put in so much hard work and support through the year but here are my nominations…”

Club Personality Award
“… has had a tough year with injuries, but has shown great courage and determination to get back on the road, and continues to put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into club matters”
“… a totally solid pair of hands. … is very reliable, kind and always there in the background to help anyone”
“… a very good friend and would put herself out for anyone”
“… has recently been injured but still comes to club and supports everyone in whatever way she can”
“… great supporter at events with her cow bell!”

Club Personality Award Liz Beech

Don Holloway Club Person Award
“taken communication within the club to another level – results, analysis, Brackla on Tour days, encouragement for BCRL entries, use of Facebook for communication, organising new kit supplier and lots more.”
“so enthusiastic whatever your ability”
“he has gone above and beyond the call of duty doing things for the club and individual members”
“the time he spends on the stats and encouraging people to take part in races is phenomenal”
“he stepped in quite late in the day to take over the reins of the mammoth Merthyr Mawr Pudding Run in the most stressful year we’ve had with it. He managed the postponement brilliantly”

Don Holloway Club Person Award Christopher Jeynes

Looking forward…
Pulling together 2018 – 19 race schedule Looking forward to more club events
Keep motivated!
And finally…