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Sarah Boulton Memorial GUCH Fund

The 2012 Christmas Pudding Run donated to the Sara Boulton Memorial Fund for GUCH.

GUCH stands for Grown Up Congenital Heart disease.

Sarah was born in 1981 with a complex set of congenital heart defects and sadly passed away in November 2011

after numerous major heart operations and invasive procedures from birth.

The fund will used to support, educate and improve care offered, invest in equipment

and facilities and contribute to research. Registered Charity Number 1050553.

Chloe Bigmore Trust

Chloe was diagnosed with a very rare cancer called Desmoplastic Round Cell Sarcoma after an initial misdiagnosis at only 13 years old. This Cancer only affects about 6 people a year and because it is so rare there is no research into this particular cancer.

This cancer targets young fit people which makes it very much of a surprise and because it manifests itself by many tumours throughout the abdomen makes it normally terminal upon diagnosis. This was the case for Chloe and her treatment over the next 11 months was mainly to try and prolong her life as much as possible.

I had been running for a few years before Chloe became ill and stopped when Chloe became ill because I felt guilty for doing the exercise when my daughter was terminally ill. Eventually however my elder daughter persuaded me to go back out running and I found that by running I was able to cope better with our desperate situation.
After my Daughter passed away in December 2007 my wife started running seeing how it made me more able to cope. My wife has now found that the running helps her to cope as well and she finds it very hard without her daily fix of running.

We set up a charity in March 2008 to help other families who have children affected by cancer and other life limiting conditions. We have recently helped a family who lost their son at the age of 14 to the same cancer as Chloe. It was their son’s dying wish to fund a researcher into the cancer. Just before the new year we helped them hit their target of £100,00.00 and this should fund the researcher for the next 3 years.

You can read all about Chloe’s Story and some of our sponsorship events here.