Brackla Harriers

New Member FAQs


Why Join a running club?

At the Brackla Harriers running club, we believe that socialising is as important as the running.

We’re a very friendly group and even though there is a big age range, we all meet in the middle – we love running!

We often enter races as a club and there’s a wonderful vibe on the day to feel like you’re part of a team.

Having friends waiting for you at the finishing line, spurring you on, is what being in the club is all about.




We would like for you to get the most out of running with other like minded runners in a running club environment, but it is up to you to determine your own level of commitment.  We don’t expect a minimum level of training sessions or races per year, as each of us has our own non-running commitments.

We welcome runners of all abilities.  We do ask you can run a minimum of 5k distance and due to CRB checks we ask you are minimum 18 years old.


There are all different groups that run at different speeds so there’s always someone you can find to run with you.

Paces very considerably in the club, we have runners who complete a 5k in 17minutes to members who complete a 5k in 40 minutes.

We have no minimum pace requirement to join this club.


You can be as competitive as you like.

Some people are always after that Personal Best, where as others are happy just to do the distance.

We’re very relaxed and there’s no pressure to perform or take part in races!

We have two club championships per year, a 5K summer series and the main event which consists of 9 races spread out through the year.  There is no pressure to enter these events, but if you do enter 5 or more you get a reduction in annual membership fees and if you enter all 9 races, there is a 50% reduction in annual membership fees.


Safety is always important to us, especially for females in the winter months. No one is left behind on their own.

During winter months, the evenings are obviously dark so we encourage runners to wear Hi-viz clothing.  All the runs are based around local housing / reasonably well lit areas.  A small torch can help on some of the runs but is not essential.  We can advise on this if required.

Extra training 

Many of us at different levels also meet on a Sunday mornings for that once a week high miler. Add this in with your two other sessions and you have created a good training regime.

Sunday’s runs are considered the easy run, so this will include rest breaks, walking breaks etc.  Sundays run is nearly always followed breakfast in a local cafe to help with the post run carb requirement (!)


We have an active social calendar with different events booked throughout the year.  Most months we have a social evening after the Thursday run, this could be a curry night, chip butty night or just a meet for a drink in the bar.

Training nights


Training starts at 7pm sharp on Tuesday.

Thursday runs go off in two groups, the first group for new members and those who run a 5k / parkrun in over 27 minutes at 6.40pm and for those quicker than 27 minutes for a 5k / parkrun leave at 7pm.

We are based at Bridgend Tennis and Squash Club.

Nearly all our sessions start and finish at the Tennis Club.  It’s only the Ynysawdre 5k which doesn’t start from the club.

If you are thinking about joining us please just come along to one of our training session’s, meet the club and have your first few runs without obligation to join.

If you contact us using the Contact Page, we can arrange to meet you a little earlier than 7pm on a training day to discuss your goals and answer any questions you have.

Directions to the club can be found on the Contact page.


Brackla Harriers Membership Form

Membership fees:
Full year – £60 (£110 per couple)
After 30th September – £30

For this you get:
Social Membership of the Tennis Club
Welsh Athletics AAW membership
Tracksuit (with small contribution)