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Brackla Harriers running club is based at Bridgend Tennis & Squash Club and welcomes runners of all abilities. We've a range of facilities including changing areas, hot showers, safe storage and a bar for those all important post run refreshments.

Training starts at 7pm sharp on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you're thinking about joining a running club then why not come along to one of our training sessions? You'll meet the members and can have your first few runs without obligation to join. With the wide variety of running abilities at the club we're sure there'll be a place and pace for YOU!

Brackla Harriers News

June 27th, 2018

May 2018


Hi everyone

Apologies for late production of May’s summary. June has been a pretty busy month with following and supporting the Rack raid and Castles Relays (I’ve still not recovered from that weekend. How many different time zones are there in Wales?) plus the start of BCRL races and unusually excellent weather as well as all the normal stuff. I think I need a holiday!!!!

Also, we had our annual Awards Night at the Hi Tide on 5th May. Winners summary to follow in a day or so.

As ever, great results across the board.

Starting with PARKRUNS 

5th May 2018

Porthcawl – 17 Harriers ran – personal bests (pb’s) for Ryan Bunce 21.51 and Joanna Kay (Burridge) 24.21 and season bests (sb’s) for Mark Evans, Angela Coles, Matthew Churchill, Liz Beech, Jan Francis and Kath Priddle.

Tom Powell, on his back to fitness, also covered the course but chose not to record a time. Well done for making the effort and taking part Tom.

Chris Jeynes did lead bike and qualified for his Parkrun volunteers tee shirt having volunteered 25 times. Well done Chris!!! I know a lot of us have volunteered and some like Keith Treharne, Tony Kavanagh, Tom Powell, Ian Stratton and Tony Birt have done so on numerous occasions (Keith and Tony K. have volunteered more times than many people have run). If you are unable to run for whatever reason, are available from 8.30 on a Saturday morning and feel like giving something back to the event, then volunteer to help out at a Parkrun. You will get a lot out of it and still be ready for a slap up breakfast afterwards. 

Maesteg – Sean Lewis and Sophie Deere ran.

Penallta – Helen Little did an sb of 24.14. I don’t think Helen has rejoined so nice to go out on a high. Sorry to see Helen leave us and I’m sure we all wish her every future success.

12th May

Maesteg – Paul Speyer, an sb.

Long Eaton – Rhys Francis eclipsed his previous Parkrun pb with a time of 16.49. Brilliant running Rhys!!!

Porthcawl – 20 Harriers ran – another brilliant pb from Joanna Kay (Burridge) at 23.52, nearly 30 seconds faster than the week before (must be something in the water at Princess of Wales Hospital), with sb’s Sue Wilkins and Ian Stratton. Jan Francis ran her 100th Parkrun and was only 1 second away from her sb. To celebrate Jan’s 100th cake and coffee was enjoyed by all at Cosy Corner afterwards. 

19th May

Cardiff – Sarah Kavanagh did a location sb.

Maesteg – Course ran in reverse – Rowan Hobbs came second and Ryan Bunce also ran there.

Merthyr – Ian Ogilvie ran there for the first time – was the first time any Harrier ran there.

Rogiet – Richard Steele ran there for the first time with an sb – again the first time any harrier has run there.

Cheltenham – Chris Deere ran.

Porthcawl – 14 Harriers. Ewan Coles did an sb and matched his pb at 20.24. Sb’s from Howard Jones, Sue Ralph and Helen Kavanagh.

26th May

Maesteg – Normal service resumed, Rowan Hobbs in first place. Paul Speyer, sb, and Alex Ford with a location pb of 26.13 also ran.

Cheltenham – Chris Deere ran.

Bedfont Lakes – Sue Ralph ran.

Riverfront, Newport – Matthew and Ryan Bunce and Richard Steele ran – Richard achieved an sb and pb at location – 21.15.

Poole – Andy and Sue Wilkins ran with Andy getting an sb at location.

Porthcawl – 14 Harriers ran. Sb from Sophie Deere and a pb for Edward Jeynes at 29.04. It was also Ed’s 10th Parkrun which is a milestone for juniors. Watch out Chris, he’s after you!!!


5th May

Port Talbot 10 mile Time Trial (Sat down on a bike)
15 Richard Beech 24:51

6th May

Cardiff 5k Race For Victory
271 Richard Stephen Steele 00:22:21
460 Mary Beech 00:25:20
838 Chris Caldell 00:30:17

9th May

BCRL 2018 Event 1 – Ogmore castle

7 Sean Michael Lewis 0:22:21 1st in Age Category
8 Christopher Jeynes 0:22:32
21 Ian Ogilvie 0:23:23 4th in Age Category
26 Melanie Williams 0:23:58 1st in Age Category
34 Richard Egan 0:24:47
35 Gareth Taylor 0:24:52
56 Matthew Bunce 0:26:25
59 Ian Cuthbert 0:26:38 4th in Age Category
64 Emily Buckwell 0:27:01 3rd in Age Category
69 Charlotte Johns 0:27:26
74 Mark Francis 0:27:46
75 Matt Bourne 0:27:47
76 Richard Stephen Steele 0:27:47
81 Ryan Bunce 0:28:08 2nd in Age Category
85 Graham Foster 0:28:41
96 John Lloyd 0:29:27
105 Jane Ogilvie 0:29:56
106 Mark Evans 0:29:58
109 Andrea Starritt 0:30:23
110 Lottie Vaughan 0:30:24
121 Mary Beech 0:31:18 2nd in Age Category
122 Julie Couzens 0:31:19
126 Rebecca Bland 0:31:23
129 Kate Bevan 0:31:44
130 Jackie Bourne 0:31:45
131 Elle Goodridge 0:31:47
147 Alex Ford 0:32:50 4th in Age Category
156 Wendy Foster 0:33:45
160 Sophie Deere 0:33:56
176 Liz Beech 0:35:35
177 Richard Beech 0:35:35
180 Sue Ralph 0:35:38
201 Andrew Wilkins 0:36:57
202 Sue Prosser 0:37:00
208 Sue Wilkins 0:37:33
213 Kelly Hooper 0:37:56
214 Rhiannon Bowden 0:37:59
221 Janice Francis 0:38:39
236 Helen Kavanagh 0:40:42
242 Kathleen Priddle 0:41:04 2nd in Age Category

Fantastic running everyone.

Great running from Sean Lewis and Melanie Williams who both came 1st in their age categories, Ryan Bunce, Mary Beech and Kathleen Priddle who came 2nd in their age categories, Emily Buckwell who came 3rd in her age category, and Ian Ogilvie, Ian Cuthbert and Alex Ford who came 4th in their age categories.

After this race we were 3rd in the BCRL league with 682 points, 186 points behind Ogmore Phoenix and 443 points behind Bridgend A C in first place.

11th May

Summer Series (2 mile) 

13 Sean Michael Lewis 10:59
56 Matthew Bunce 13:17
62 Ryan Bunce 13:34

12th May

Shakespeare Half Marathon (Stratford)
28 David Moore 1:25:16
1014 Amanda Moore 2:10:18 pb

Preseli Beast (24 miles off road) 

Lottie Vaughan

13th May

Cadwalladers Porthkerry 5 Miler – The Porthkerry Plod

11 Christopher Jeynes 0:33:38
16 Melanie Williams 0:34:58 2nd lady, 1st in age category
18 Ian Ogilvie 0:35:04 3rd in age category
24 Drew Webber 0:35:56
29 Richard Egan 0:36:26
31 Gareth Taylor 0:36:50
36 John Lloyd 0:37:23
51 Charlotte Johns 0:39:12 4th in age category
74 Mark Francis 0:42:10
86 Jane Ogilvie 0:44:11 5th in age category
97 Joanna Kay Burridge 0:45:02
100 Elle Goodridge 0:45:16
103 Mary Beech 0:45:19 2nd in age category
107 Andy Fisher 0:45:45
125 Howard Jones 0:48:02
169 Andrew Wilkins 0:51:23
190 Sue Prosser 0:53:45
194 Sue Wilkins 0:54:24
203 Janice Francis 0:55:49
209 Kelly Hopper 0:56:48
215 Tina Lloyd 0:57:38 

Ian Ogilvie, Andrew Wilkins and Tina Lloyd all recorded times quicker than last year, great running.

Congratulations to Melanie Williams, 2nd lady home and 1st in age category. Other great age related results achieved.

Race for Wildlife 10k 

9 Sean Michael Lewis 00:38:54
30 Richard Stephen Steele 00:45:44
77 Sophie Deere 00:55:23

Ripon 10 mile

371 Kate Bevan 1:48:48

Ledbury Tetrathalon

5th Individual and Team 1st
Edward Jeynes
Shoot 840
Run 925 (2:25 500m cross country)
Swim 844 (73m in 2 mins)
Horse Ride 1340

What a weekend – well done everyone.

19th May

Cader Idris Mountain Race

113 Ian Ogilvie 2:04:58

20th May

Women’s 10k

32 Kate Bevan 56:07

Dinas Powis Tetrathalon

1st Edward Jeynes (top run, top ride and top shoot)

Wednesday 23rd

SSSFA 5k series

34 Sean Michael Lewis 17:49

27th May

Treforest 10k

15 Sean Michael Lewis 38:22
178 Sophie Deere 54:35
Richard Stephen Steele – DNFS (did not find the start) – Outstanding!!!

Edinburgh Marathon

661 Melanie Williams 3:20:36 pb (6th in age category)

30th May

Merthyr Mawr 5k

16 Sean Michael Lewis 17:25 5th in age category + sb
26 Christopher Jeynes 18:15
32 Rowan Hobbs 18:28
49 Melanie Williams 19:34 1st lady home
55 John Lloyd 19:50
83 Ian Cuthbert 21:33 5th in age category
94 Andrew Mundy 22:14
108 Sarah Kavanagh 23:16 2nd in age category
113 Jane Ogilvie 23:34 sb compared to parkrun
118 Andy Fisher 23:44
122 MARK EVANS 24:06 sb compared to parkrun
149 Sophie Deere 25:03 sb compared to parkrun
162 Elle Goodridge 26:22 5th in age category
165 Wendy Foster 26:39
172 Andrew Wilkins 27:24
176 Sue Ralph 27:40
207 Sue Wilkins 30:02
209 HELEN KAVANAGH 30:29 5k pb

Fantastic results.

Just to add, 5k races get recorded separately to Parkrun as Parkrun isn’t officially measured as a 5k, hence Chris has put in a few sb’s compared to Parkrun. But Helen’s is genuinely a 5k pb for this event (although she does have faster Parkrun times).

Extra congratulations to the following who won Medals in the Welsh Championship 5k (incorporated within the race)
Sean Michael Lewis 1st in age category
Helen Kavanagh 2nd in age category 

Brilliant achievements by everyone. And that was just May. For June we will have the Rack Raid, Castles Relay, 2 BCRL races, Swansea Half Marathon and Parkruns and probably more I can’t think of at the moment. Will July slow down? I doubt it.

As usual I apologies for any errors or omissions.

Andy Wilkins