Brackla Harriers




All Tuesday sessions start at 7pm sharp.

Thursday runs have an option of early start time of 6:40 (for new comers and those with a 5k / parkrun time of 27 minutes or over) and a 7pm time for those quicker than 27 minutes for a 5k / parkrun.

Nearly all sessions start and finish at Bridgend Tennis Club.


Tues 7th – Grass Track Efforts 6 X 400m
Thurs 9th – Tythegston

Sat 11th – Porthcawl Park Run – 5K Club Championship Run 4 of 5

Tues 14th – BCRL Newbridge Fields 5 of 6 – Brackla Harriers host
Thurs 16th – Court Colman

Tues 21st – Merthyr Mawr Lane Hill Efforts
Thurs 23rd – Castle upon Alun
Sat 25th – Llantwit Major 10K – Club Championship Race 4 of 12

Tues 28th – Grass Track Efforts 6 X 800m
Thurs 30th – Treoes plus Chip Night


Sat 1st – Swansea Bay Park Run – 5K Club Championship Run 5 of 5

Tues 4th – BCRL Tuska Beach Race 6 of 6 (Rest Bay)

Thurs 6th – Court Colman

Tues 11th – Ynysawdre Club Handicap 5K (Race Committee to set handicap times – Awards at Annual Presentation Night)


Thurs 13th – Cefn Glas Broadlands in Reverse

Tues 18th – Glynbridge Gardens – Long Hill Efforts

Thurs 2oth – Pen y Fai Broadlands

Tues 25th – Merthyr Mawr Road K Efforts

Thurs 27th – Brackla Wildmill plus Chips

Ian & Colin


The sessions rotate and they also change from summer to winter.

Tuesday runs are Efforts sessions in which two of them are hills and the other two are flat sprints –

A detailed explanation of each of the training session is here (Training sessions explained)

Thursday runs are a longer tempo run, ranging from 6.5 miles to 8 miles.
Sunday runs are decided during the week and depend upon races occurring.

We can also do shorter run on Thursdays of approx 5-6 miles if needed, please ask one of the members about this at the training session you are coming to.

All mileage from mapometer. If you have any training ideas please speak to Colin or Ian.